Q: How should I clean and maintain my artwork? Do I need to dust both the paintings and frames?
A: It's important to regularly clean and maintain your artwork. Monica Curiel Art recommends using a compressed air duster can with a spray nozzle to remove dust from the paintings and frames. The recommended cleaning method may vary depending on the texture of the artwork you have purchased.
Q: Can I change the orientation of how a work is hung?
A: Yes, you can change the orientation of how a work is hung. However, it's essential to ensure that the artwork is securely fastened with the appropriate hooks. If you'd like the option to orient your artwork in various ways, please contact Monica, and she may attach additional hardware to your piece.
Q: Can the color of an artwork change over time?
A: Yes, the color of an artwork can change over time due to natural elements and the passage of time. While each work is created with the intention to last, it's essential to understand that natural changes can occur.
Sunlight can damage your artwork if it's repeatedly exposed to direct sunlight. Over time, the colors in the artwork may fade, and wooden panels may warp due to extreme temperatures. Our artworks are designed to be hung indoors, and it's not recommended to place them outside or in direct sunlight.
Instructions For Works With Fiber Or Tencel 
Q: How should I deal with wrinkled fibers on my painting after shipment?
A: If the fibers on your painting are a bit crinkled post-shipment, hang your painting and let the fibers relax naturally for a few days. After that, you can gently mist them with water and comb through them, lifting the fibers away from the painting to avoid damaging the texture. Finally, let the fibers air dry.
Q: How do I maintain the fibers on my painting long term?
A: If you received a comb with your painting, use it to gently lift the fibers away from the painting and brush out any tangles. Repeat as necessary.
Q: What if I did not receive a comb with my purchase?
A: If you did not receive a comb with your purchase, it's because combing could damage the drape of the thread. Instead, simply install the work and let the fibers relax on their own. If the fibers still look a bit wrinkled after a few days, you may mist them with water and let them air dry. Repeat as necessary.
Q: How should I maintain the tassels on my painting?
A: To maintain the tassels on your painting, gather each tassel in your hand and lay it down flat against the painting. Repeat with every tassel until they are all lying flat. You can gently comb through the tassels, but be careful to avoid combing in the texture of the painting.