Q. How do I dust off my piece or keep up regular maintenance? Should I be dusting the paintings and frames?

A. Yes, depending on the work you have purchased and how textured it is, I would recommend using a compressed air duster can with a spray nozzle. If you are dusting off a flat painting with no plaster on it, you may use a wax cloth and gently rub off any excess dust. 


Q. Does it matter where I hang my artwork? Should I be concerned about sun damage for artwork hung in a sunny room?  

A. Yes, absolutely, the sun may damage artwork, it can lighten a color several tones or in extreme temperatures, a wooden panel can warp. Works on this site are made to be hung indoors. It is not recommended to place any work outside or in direct sunlight. 


Q. Can I change the orientation of a way a work is hung?

AAbsolutely, if you chose to reorient a work just ensure you properly install the right hooks on the work to secure it. 


Q. Can an artwork's color change over time?

A. Yes and although each work is created with the intention to last, natural elements and time can change the pigmentation of a work.


Instructions For Works With Fiber Or Tencel 

Q. How do I deal with wrinkled fibers after shipment?

A. The fibers on your painting might be a bit crinkled post shipment. Simply hang your painting and let the fibers relax themselves. After a few days rest, you can gently mist with water and comb through them. Remember to lift the fibers away from the painting as to not to damage the texture. Let air dry.

Q. How do I maintain the fibers on my painting long term?

A. If you received a comb with your painting, gently lift the fibers away from the painting and brush out the thread. Repeat as necessary.

Q. How do I maintain my painting if I did not receive a comb

A. If you did not receive a comb with your purchase it’s because combing could damage the drape of the thread. Instead, install the work and let the thread relax on it’s own. If a few days past and they still look a bit wrinkled, you may mist the fibers with water and let them air dry. Repeat as necessary

Q. How do I maintain the tassels on my painting?

A. Gather each tassel in your hand and lay it down flat against the painting. Repeat with every tassel until they are all laying flat. You can comb through the tassel gently but be careful to avoid combing in the texture of the painting.