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As a first-generation Mexican-American artist and cancer survivor, Monica Curiel’s captivatingly textural and organic abstract paintings are informed by both adversity and hope. She intentionally brings a certain level of masculinity to the canvas, a practice she describes as a means of challenging gender norms; rather than fixating on her femininity, she hopes her audience will see her work simply for what it is. She is motivated by the honor of immigrants and people of color, who often are left with laborious jobs as a result of systemic racism and xenophobia — her work is a love letter to her Mexican heritage. Hear what Monica had to say about her process.

Monica Curiel is more than an artist. She’s a proud Mexican-American woman. She’s a daughter of immigrants. She’s overcome many obstacles that make her who she is now and that inspire her to create the works of art she does. Today her work has been showcased at the Kansas Union Gallery, as well as being featured as an exclusive collection for the online store Shop Jitana. In this Pitch Questionnaire, Curiel talks about the journey she’s on and her creative process.


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Hispanic artist, Monica Curiel,  pulling inspiration from her culture to create amazing works of art.