Custom Commission Inquiry
Custom Commission Inquiry

Custom Commission Inquiry

To help me determine if you're seriously wanting to commission a piece - There is a $35 non-refundable fee applied when commissioning a work. If the commission is placed, a $60 discount will be added to the order.

In other words, if you commission a work, you get rewarded, if you decide to forgo a commissioned work, my time is compensated. I pour so much of my energy and time into making sure your commission is exactly as you like it. The non-refundable fee is placed so that my time is valued. 

This consultation includes a one-on-one consultation with me, in the communication of your choice, zoom, facetime, email, or phone call with a proposal of what your desired commission work will look like in variants of:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Composition 
  • Frame & Frame option 
  • Optional design of your commissioned piece in desired interior/space.   
  • Up to 3 design variants for your custom work. 

Additionally, you will receive a sample work of the work you are choosing to commission in the material of the actual artwork, so you may have a better idea of the quality and materiality of the piece. This will be shipped through ground shipping. If you would like to expedite that sample, expedited shipping costs will apply.

**All commissioned works are priced to include the material cost, labor, packaging, shipping, tax, and framed options. In other words, the price that is quoted is all-inclusive. **

To proceed, use the inquiry form below. Please do not ask to commission another artist’s work.
Monica recreates only pieces that are original to Monica Curiel Art.

Please attached the title and size of the work you have in mind to commission.