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Monica Curiel Art

La colcha V, 2022

La colcha V, 2022

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Monica Curiel's work is often characterized by its sculptural quality, resulting from her intuitive and visceral creative process. Each panel serves as a map of her creativity in motion, showcasing a monochromatic language of rich textures and layers of abstract marks.

Growing up in Texas with immigrant parents from Jalisco who worked in labor jobs, Curiel spent her formative years on job sites, where she became familiar with construction materials like plaster, house paint, and grouting tools. These materials now form the foundation of her artistic palette, evoking her cultural roots with every sweep of her trowel. Although contemporary in nature, every Monica Curiel work is a tribute to her Mexican heritage and the sacrifices her family made to pursue a better life.

All original works, like this piece, come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are fitted with D-rings for ease of instillation.

DIMENSIONS: 8"W x 10"H x 3/4"D

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