A New Series of Indigo Works Coming Soon
A New Series of Indigo Works Coming Soon

Monica Curiel Art

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Monica Curiel Art

Whatever its Genesis, 2020

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Mixed media on canvas 

24 in x 48 in

This work was created with melted candle wax, house paint, and wood stain. This piece captures the ponderance of what it means to be alive. When I laid bedridden and unable to perform basic daily tasks, and human functions due to a cancer diagnosis in my early 20s, I found myself deeply depressed. In ponderance of what living really means. I found that people understood my cancer diagnosis and its severity but did not understand my depression in the same way. One was taken seriously while the other was not. This work aims to initiate conversations about mental health conditions and break their stigma. 

This work is framed in maple wood and is available exclusively through South Loop Loft

All original works, such as this, come with a Certificate of Authenticity when purchased.