Monica Curiel   b. 1993

Monica Curiel is a first-generation Mexican American born in Texas to immigrant parents from Jalisco, México who work as laborers. As a child, she accompanied her parents to work sites, spending time with her father on construction sites, and helping her mother clean homes. These early experiences were instrumental in shaping her artistic practice, exposing her to the raw materials that form the foundation of her artistic palette, such as plaster, house paint, and grouting tools. By basing her creative practice around labor materials, each piece becomes a celebration of her heritage and a way to honor the sacrifices that her parents and countless immigrants have made. Her work is influenced both by her culture and by her interdisciplinary education in interior design, fashion design, and fine art. Placing her pieces in spaces where Mexican immigrants are often stereotypically confined to roles such as cleaning or gardening, their presence reflects the American dream.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts | University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

Summer | Florence University of the Arts
Florence, Italy



Anderson Ranch
Snowmass Village, Colorado

Group Exhibitions

NYCxDesign | Love House
New York, New York

This Is America | Alcova
Milan, Italy

BRDG Project
Denver, Colorado

Art In The Time Of Corona™
Artsy, Online

Solo Exhibitions

Herencia | Meno Studio
Denver, Colorado

BFA Show | Union Gallery
Lawrence, Kansas

Monica Curiel currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado, USA.