Sculptural Lighting

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Dos caras Lamp
Mixed media. Plaster, Roman clay, birchwood, foam, plastic, and metal hardware.
23.5”h × base: 4” w shade: 17.5”∅ (clip on)

The Dos caras Lamp by Monica Curiel is a sculptural yet functional lighting piece that pays tribute to her Mexican heritage. Featuring accents inspired by billowing forms and rocks, it draws from the artist's childhood memories of bathing in the river at her grandmother's house in Mexico. Its name, Spanish for two faces, reflects the lamp's dual-sided base, each side presenting a unique arrangement of forms.

Lead Time: 8-10 weeks

usd $2,250

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La Mari Lamp
Mixed media. Plaster, Roman clay, plastic, linen, and metal hardware.
21”h × base: 10” w shade: 18”∅ (clip on)

The La Mari Lamp by Monica Curiel features accents inspired by mariachi vestments, paying homage to her Mexican heritage as a first-generation Mexican American with roots in Jalisco, Mexico, where this style of music and attire originated. Mari, short for mariachi, highlights a facet of regional Mexican culture that played an integral part in her upbringing.

Lead Time: 8-10 weeks

usd $2,250

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